Changing how the world sees helmets through education, awareness & badass custom design. 

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How did we become so passionate in our mission to change how the world sees helmets through education, awareness & badass custom design? Read more about our WHY here.

My brain is my most expensive investment. Without it, all the years of education and experience I have gained would be lost. To protect my investment, all I have to do is wear a helmet. Not only that, but now I have the ability to wear a custom designed helmet that shows off my personality and keeps my investment safe. 


For as long as I've been a bike commuter, I've always had to fight away the feeling of dorkiness that seemed to be inherent when wearing a helmet. But with a custom design now, it's remarkable the difference in attitude. I'm a badass in a helmet! It's become a fashion statement for me, even as someone who is no fashionista. 


I definitely struggled as a kid with the stigma of "not being cool" if I wore a helmet when I biked. But at some point I realized that while you can stitch up a cut, or heal a broken bone, brain damage has no simple fix. And I will gladly be the least cool person around if it means my head is safe. I wouldn't dream of driving in a car without my seatbelt on, and by the same token, I won't ever ride my bike without a helmet again. Luckily for me, I've got the coolest custom-designed helmet around!

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