"I think I was given a second chance at life to help others extend their time here."
- Leah Chyma, Founder
& Head Noggin' 
The Mission

Our mission at Knockin' Noggins is to change the stigma of wearing a helmet. We strive to do this through education awareness and badass custom design. When you support us not only are you protecting your noggin' you are also doing good for our community. For every 10 helmets purchased, Knockin' Noggins donates a custom helmet to a child in need. We are currently partnered with local charities to connect us with children who cannot afford helmets. Each child receives a helmet to fit their noggin and ability to add their own customization!  

The Why

On August 7th, 2018 Leah was in an accident that almost took her life. She suffered a near death experience (NDE), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a bout of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Now that is a lot of scary acronyms that molded her passion to help others, one noggin' at a time.  

Stylish Safety

We are redefining helmet culture by bringing badass hand painted designs to each helmet we sell that reflects your individual style. Whether you choose an original design or go the custom design route, you can lead from the front while repping your unique badassness all while trailblazing the movement of stylish safety.