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6 Badass Women Who Inspire Me Daily

Updated: May 31, 2022

Running Knockin' Noggins is overwhelmingly awesome, sometimes terrifying and hands down the most rewarding career i've ever had. I wear multiple hats to seamlessly balance orders, pay bills on time, upkeep stock, book, setup and work events, keep the website functioning and up to date, keep a relevant and consistent social presence and do it all when life throws other curve balls my way. There are days where i'm floating on cloud 9 followed by days where everything seems to be two steps off. Sometimes i'm ahead of schedule and other days I would lose my head if it was attached to my body, yet I am grateful and honored to be able to create art for a living, not only art for arts sake but for the sake of safety too. It isn't always easy but its 100% worth it!

When I am in need of inspiration to keep moving forward I look to some of the most incredible women I know for inspiration. When I was reflecting on how blessed I am to have some of the most badass women entrepreneurs in my circle, I felt selfish keeping them to myself! So now is the time to change that. I would like to introduce you to six badass women who are living their passion and dreams each and everyday while inspiring countless others to do the same.

1) Andrea St. Clair - Blueberry Studio

Andrea was one of the first friends I made when moving to Austin in 2009. We bonded over being artists stuck into the 8-5 cycle but continued to encourage each other to pursue our creative passions. In 2020, Andrea launched Blueberry Studio where she creates the most beautiful handmade mirrors and custom projects by hand! She was featured on EAST Austin Studio Tour in 2021 and also has the cutest shop assistant ever who seems to inspire the gorgeous creations. Andrea is one of the most beautifully talented souls i've ever come into contact with and I'd highly recommend following her journeys sooner rather than later as this lady is going places and you won't want to miss the ride!

2) Sonya Schement - Running Coach

I met Sonya back in 2016 when we were both working for an outdoor fitness company here in Austin. She isn't just a spark of energy, she is a lightening bolt full of knowledge, passion and positivity. Sonya began revolutionizing the running community in 2020 starting and was awarded Austin's Best Running Coach in 2021! Her passion to help others live their best lives is contagious, she is inspiring on so many levels even if running isn't your jam you can learn a lot from this incredible woman.

3) Becca Borrelli - Artist

After meeting Becca while working at the Four Seasons Hotel in 2012, we became studio mates in 2013 and spent two years sharing a space at Up Collective beginning our art careers in Austin. What I first admired about Becca was her range of artistic talent and her over flowing sense of positivity. In my eyes, she really can do it all! Becca has been featured on EAST Austin Studio Tour, has had her work in HEB on their reusable totes, on Truly branded Semi truck and her coloring books can be found in numerous stores in the Austin area! These are the things I know off the top of my head and I am sure there are many many more accolades to be shared. This lady is beautiful inside and out and her social account (linked above) is full of incredible content, positivity and ways to learn from her in person. You will not regret investing time in learning more about this goddess.

4) Hannah Friggel - FriggellyFit

Whether its Nutrition Coaching, Small Group Training, Private Training or outdoor workouts, if it's in the health and fitness realm, Hannah is your gal! I met Hannah about five years ago through some mutual friends and I was hooked on day one. She vibrates happiness, optimism and empathy and it's impossible not to feel happy after sharing space with her. This mother of two has put her passion for healthy living, the outdoors and enjoying life into an incredible business focusing on helping people in all different phases enjoy the best life they can. Hannah is a ray of sunshine you didn't know you needed but once you do, you will do anything to keep it shining your way.

5) Shannon Elder - producer, art director, and designer

I met Shannon in 2021 after participating in the Pietsch House EAST show which Shannon is Creative Director & Co-Founder! Shannon is a woman of many talents, from producing incredible music + art showcases to designing incredible web + digital art to her incredible collage work, this woman is a Jane of all trades. Her energy is contagious and her presence radiates fun creative energy! Whether you are in the market for design work or want to be involved with one of the best events in Austin through Pietsch House, Shannon is a badass whose talent you do not want to sleep on, she is the real deal.

6) ZuZu - Muralist

It's funny, I can't tell you exactly where I first met Zuzu because our worlds collide in so many different directions but I can tell you this woman is pure and utter inspiration! Her art can be seen all over Austin from massive murals seen from major highways, to interactive pieces at ACL and live paintings all around the city. This girl is a beam of sunshine and her talent is unlike anything i've ever seen. Do yourself a favor and follow her social accounts to learn about the best art events and see her pieces come to life!

These six women are such beams of light in a sometimes dark world and I encourage you to follow the beautiful things they are doing to enhance the lives of not only Austinites but anyone who comes in contact with their work. Each woman has a link to learn more about what they are creating next to their name so the next time you are in need for a little inspiration we've got you covered!

XX Leah

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