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Fly Your Freak Flag Proudly

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Tackling the nerdy helmet stigma to make wearing helmets fashion forward & trendy.

Knockin' Noggins is creating an advocacy movement to change how the world sees helmets through education, awareness and badass custom design. We are extremely passionate about demolishing the negativity surrounding the precious piece of plastic that saves lives.

We aim to tackle the helmet stigmas of dorky, nerdy, silly, ugly or uncool one badass design at a time. We believe the best way to demolish the stigmas & keep growing the wave is to lead from the front and #helmetup people all over regardless of age, background or favorite outdoor activity.

Making nerdy cool.

What do Star Wars, thick rimmed glasses, comic books, high waisted jeans, joggers, online dating, flannel shirts and overalls all have in common? All these concepts were once considered uncool until they weren't. Think about it, in 2005 you wouldn't dream to tell your friends about your date to the comic book movie with the man you met online and show them a photo of the evening where you are wearing non-prescription large rimmed glasses in jean overalls and a flannel shirt tied around your waist. However in 2020 you'd be applauded for your transparency, forward thinking and epic style of your fashion forward #nofilter Instagram post about your Hinge date to Avengers 7. At Knockin' Noggins we believe it's time for helmets to lose the title of dorky, nerdy and uncool.

You don't think twice about walking out of the house with your water bottle full of stickers that fit your personality but why do you second guess grabbing a small piece of plastic that can save your life? We believe that the generic style make the helmet forgettable and elementary feeling. What if wearing your helmet fit your vibe as do your favorite jacket, belt or pair of kicks? Flannel shirts didn't become trendy overnight, it took a multiple groups of people to fly their freak flag proudly and blaze the path of making lumberjack style trendy and we think with badass stylish safety the Knockin' Noggins wave will continue to rise with each and every helmet created. We believe this starts with you leading from the front and deciding to #helmetup everyday and by making others feel cool & comfortable enough to wear one too, you could help save more than just your own life.

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