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Smartish + Knockin' Noggins

Simultaneously protect the brain of your body + the brain that runs your life with stylish safety! Knockin' Noggins has partnered with the best phone case company on the planet Smartish to bring you phone protection just as badass as our noggin' protection.

Why Smartish?

I have been a Smartish supporter since 2013 and if you've ever held their products you know why. My personal favorite product they make is the Wallet Slayer case that combines your need for a wallet AND phone. For a lady who loathes purses, it is a no brainer why i've never strayed since discovering this case nearly eight years ago. What's extra fantastic, and a beautiful parallel with Knockin' Noggins, is the design studio built into their website which allows you to personalize your cases to match your... YOU!

Another reason I love this company is because of the people behind the brand. I think it's very important to support brands that are made up of good souls and I can assure you, good humans work here. Based in Austin Texas, with their HQ a few miles from where i'm currently sitting, Smartish is made up of genuinely solid individuals who are passionate about making your every day life a bit easier with clever cases and accessories to solve unexpected needs. If you need more coaxing watch the interview below and you can see the positive energy spewing out of Steve Carlos even through the virtual webs! I dare you not to giggle (Spoiler alert - you won't last).

Our Partnership

Smartish heard what we were up to and wanted to help spread the mission of the helmet revolution! We have partnered to bring you a Knockin' Noggins designed phone case available for all the iPhone users out there! As with all of our products, a portion of your purchase will go directly to our non-profit partners that bring aid and assistance to those struggling with brain injuries and the burden of paying for healing. Head over to this page to snag your very own case in your color and case preference.

The Interview

Watch Steve Carlos throw Leah insightful, educational and silly questions on their IG TV discussion below. The two go into the inspiration behind the start of Knockin' Noggins, why the partnership fits like PB&J and other questions live viewers sent their way!

Smartish Deets:

Their Website

Their Instagram

The Collaboration Case

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