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(Why we are awesome)

Lesley M.

For as long as I've been a bike commuter, I've always had to fight away the feeling of dorkiness that seemed to be inherent when wearing a helmet. But with a custom design now, it's remarkable the difference in attitude. I'm a badass in a helmet! It's become a fashion statement for me, even as someone who is no fashionista. 


I definitely struggled as a kid with the stigma of "not being cool" if I wore a helmet when I biked. But at some point I realized that while you can stitch up a cut, or heal a broken bone, brain damage has no simple fix. And I will gladly be the least cool person around if it means my head is safe. I wouldn't dream of driving in a car without my seatbelt on, and by the same token, I won't ever ride my bike without a helmet again. Luckily for me, I've got the coolest custom-designed helmet around!

Ruth M. 

Cycling has been a part of my life for over 20 years and I’ve always worn a helmet, even when it wasn’t cool. Wearing a helmet is a non-negotiable in our household, especially after my husband had a bike accident where his helmet was crushed (and thankfully not his brain!). My beautiful helmet is now, not only safe, but a conversation starter as to why helmets are mandatory! I love it!


Upon overhearing me discuss how I didn’t wear a helmet because of how “dorky”  they look, Leah gifted me with a custom painted helmet. She painted beautiful designs, incorporating all of my favorite things! I now proudly wear my helmet on the streets of Austin. Knockin' Noggins makes wearing helmets cool!


My brain is my most expensive investment. Without it, all the years of education and experience I have gained would be lost. To protect my investment, all I have to do is wear a helmet. Not only that, but now I have the ability to wear a custom designed helmet that shows off my personality and keeps my investment safe. 


I've been biking for a long time - including to and from classes in college. One of my roommates at the time was always griping at me about wearing a helmet, but I thought it was dorky and inconvenient. That same friend was hit and hospitalized by a drunk driver, likely only surviving because of his helmet. That moment was very sobering, and my whole concept of what I considered "inconvenient" was obliterated. I've worn a helmet since then. It didn't take me long to realize that it isn't that inconvenient - and you can rock the look, too, especially with helmets like these!


I used to think helmets were for people who weren’t as comfortable on a bike. More so to protect you in the case that you fell off your bike. And then I came to the realization that getting into an accident doesn’t have to be your fault. There’s so many things that can happen on the roads or the trails that are totally out of your control but can cause you a lot of harm. So my helmet is a now a staple and with my custom Knockin' Noggins design it's a no brainer to grab it before I leave the house.


I am the coolest kid on the block with this sweet helmet from Knockin' Noggins. That's saying something as a five year old as the competition is pretty tough out here. Thanks Tia Leah for the safe street cred. 

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